Yesterday Boris Johnson outlined the Government guidance on when the current COVID restrictions will be eased and to what extent certain activities will be allowed.  This guidance has now provided White Motorcycle Concepts with the earliest date (post 21st June 2021) that we will be able to perform a launch of the product in the manner that we desire.  We will be keeping a close eye on how this progresses, but this now gives us a date to work towards and finalise our plans. 

“It has always been my desire to launch this concept to a live audience, technology is great, but you can’t beat in person.  The vaccination programme is running really well and there are strong signs that this will accelerate and so this now provides the confidence to put this date in the diary.  We are in discussions with a number of World recognised venues for the launch and this clarity now provides the focus we need to finalise this.  We are very excited about this as it is the culmination of 2 years of extremely hard work.” Robert White Founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts.