The mass-market motorcycle form has not really changed since Hildebrand & Wolfmüller introduced the first series production motorcycle in 1894.  Whilst the last 100 years have seen significant aerodynamic drag reductions in cars, attempts to improve motorcycles aerodynamic efficiency have been, to date, less successful. Despite a motorcycle using nearly all its energy to overcome aerodynamic drag at 100kph (Canada Moto), there’s little focus in this area and no current design close to the V-Duct.

The V-Duct is a patent granted (UK & USA) and pending (Europe & Japan) proven technology that reduces the motorcycle’s aerodynamic drag by 69% (in its most extreme form).  Without changing the rider experience, increasing downforce and stability this simple solution is the Holy Grail in motorcycle efficiency enhancement.  Whilst the trajectory of battery technology improvement is steep there is still a distance to parity with existing models, particularly at high speed and acceleration the aim is to have this technology incorporated into all motorcycles and facilitate mass market acceptance of electric motorcycles.




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