This project aims to develop a prototype aerodynamic electric motorcycle incorporating a front wheel kinetic energy recovery/deployment system. Whilst common in hybrid/electric four-wheel vehicles, a system providing comparable benefits to date hasn’t been incorporated into motorcycles. The main reason for this is the limitations of the prevalent motorcycle design.

Leveraging our patent pending aerodynamic concept, supported by Niche Vehicle Network and Advanced Propulsion Centre, the range extender’s integration’s only possible due to the front end stability benefits gained from the concept.

Under acceleration a traditional motorcycle rotates around the rear wheel, lifting the front wheel from the ground, therefore it’s not possible to use this as a “drive” wheel. Theoretically, incorporating our patent pending aerodynamic means these loads are more evenly distributed, reducing rotation, allowing the drive benefit of the motor to be applied to the front wheel. In order to gain Re:Gen benefit under braking, like a traditional motorcycle, the forces are through the front wheel, thus it must be positioned there.


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