The WMC300FR is the second major project of many that White Motorcycle Concepts has in its pipeline. This project will deliver a proof of concept aerodynamic device, incorporated into a city motorcycle that under real world conditions, will deliver significant advantages over current production models, enabling electrification.

White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC) have completed substantial feasibility studies delivering the data required to more than prove its potential. The performance benefits these studies highlighted are between 15-20% efficiency improvement against the equivalent city motorcycle.

With range limitations and battery cost being the main concern of electric vehicle ownership, the WMC300FR addresses this major problem. The benefits for both speed and efficiency of energy use have serious potential to disrupt the market as we know it.


    The project is being supported by Innovate UK through the Advanced Propulsion Centre, enabling the concept to be designed, tested, redesigned and tested again.  The concept is being created in collaboration with EY3 (core engineering), Total Sim (CFD) and Engenuity (FEA).  Once the working demonstrator is created this will then be tested in real world environments at the world famous testing facilities of MIRA and Millbrook.


    The working demonstrator will show that the design addresses current aerodynamic inefficiency, vastly improving range and enhancing the potential for heat exchanger cooling. In addition, the new design will incorporate some parts manufactured from recycled plastic, will deliver improved safety performance through enhanced stability at steady state motion and even more importantly in the braking phase and reduce inner city particulate emissions generated from exhaust and brakes.  White Motorcycle Concepts have already engaged its first customer for this concept and it is aiming to have this on the road by 2022.


    In development


    Create real-world demonstrator

    Deliver a road-going model for a specialist customer 





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