The WMC250EV is the first project of many that White Motorcycle Concepts has in the pipeline and has set the standard and blueprint for all future projects.

The unique selling point of the WMC250EV is aerodynamic efficiency. White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC) have completed substantial feasibility studies delivering the data required to more than prove its potential. The performance benefits these studies highlighted are far greater than the WMC team even imagined.

The WMC250EV will achieve twice the mileage for the same electric charge than the current electric motorcycle market equivalent. With range limitations being the main concern of electric vehicle ownership, the WMC250EV solves a major problem. The benefits for both speed and efficiency of energy use have serious potential to disrupt the market as we know it.


The solid technical and legal foundations put in place by WMC have created great project credibility. Acknowledgement of this has resulted in securing a share of £2.5 million of Niche Vehicle Network funding. The Network is funded by The Office for Low Emission Vehicles, Innovate UK, The Advanced Propulsion Centre and The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The funding is focused on enabling UK based design and engineering companies or low volume vehicle manufacturers to research and develop innovative low carbon vehicle technologies.

This grant has been secured in collaboration with RML Group (supporting pioneering battery technology), TotalSIM (computer fluid dynamics) and Ace Technologies (specialising in lightweight composites) and has enabled the manufacture of a proof of concept motorcycle – the WMC250EV.

In addition, WMC have also been successful in securing local government funding from SEMLEP. This funding is designed to support businesses directly as they start-up and grow, working with beneficiaries to foster research, skills and business links to support knowledge transfer and assist the successful commercialisation of innovation.

The automotive industry has provided significant sponsorship to assist White Motorcycle Concepts and the WMC250EV in return for association with the groundbreaking project thus adding to the financial security and enabling the project to meet its full potential.


To give maximum exposure to our design and capitalise on the opportunities for manufacture and technology licensing we are developing and testing in preparation for the following:

Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner British Record
Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner World Record


There is a perfect storm brewing as two world-class projects compete to be the fastest in the world.

A high profile Monaco backed challenger with a French motorcycle (Voxan / Venturi) ridden by 6x World Champion, Max Biaggi “- record of 283mph set between 15th November and 1st December 2021 – EUR

 A British motorsport engineer, rider and inventor on a unique motorcycle. Backed by a consortium of British niche vehicle engineering specialists who plan to beat the current record by a significant margin – GBR


In development


WMC250EV Launched and Testing begins

Systems testing continues with positive reults

Further testing






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