Following 3 months of intensive work with Mahle Powertrains, the conclusions of the Niche Vehicle Network grant funded feasibility study demonstrated that the full electric version of the WMC300FR is achievable commercially and technically.  These findings were presented to the Niche Vehicle Network, Zemo Partnership and DfT at the iMechE headquarters in London.

The positive output from the study was not certain and there were stages in the feasibility study where the project did not look like it could work.  However, this reality forced the working group to realise an aerodynamic solution that is much more efficient than the existing WMC300FR, producing an excellent solution to be taken forward to proof of concept.

“It is not easy to electrify existing vehicles and so it was incredibly important that we completed a feasibility study with a global expert (Mahle Powertrain) to understand if it were possible to deliver this product technically, but more importantly commercially. As a result of this work, I am confident that combining our aerodynamic technology with Mahle Powertrain’s technology we can produce a vehicle that is fit for purpose on all fronts.  I am looking forward to moving the project into the proof of concept phase and we are still targeting 2025 for the release of the production model.” Robert White Founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts