We knew that the launch of the WMC250EV had created a splash, when our release was featured in over 100 publications around the World from Top Gear to Forbes magazine.  However it is amazing to see the story was the most visited on the Motorcycle News (MCN) website in 2021 ahead of all the other iconic brands.

“It is incredible to reflect on the response to the WMC250EV and the patented venturi concept.  To be the number 1 story of 2021 in the worldwide respected Motorcycle News, ahead of stories from great brands like the Suzuki Hyabusa, BSA re-launch, Honda’s NT1100 launch and Norton’s return.  It is great to generate the interest in the concept, but for me it has been and always will be about delivery, I can’t wait for 2022” Robert White Founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts.

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