This week we welcomed more UK police forces to a trail of the WMC300FR at Rockingham Raceway, Northamptonshire.  This is the second event of its kind and we saw forces from around the country.  They were given a presentation on the background of the WMC300FR and how Northamptonshire Police are deploying them.  Followed by a session on the bikes, giving all officers the opportunity to experience the WMC300FR.  We then closed the session with group feedback and next steps on how these could be incorporated into their force. We will look to run further events like this throughout the year.

“It was great to engage with a number of forces around the UK during our second trail at Rockingham Raceway in Northamptonshire.  All riders who experienced the WMC300FR were impressed with its performance, and most importantly, how it was received when they rode out in the local area.  Days like these we have just held are an important for police forces throughout the UK to experience the WMC300FR.” Robert White Founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts