The WMC300FR has now been in operation with Northants police for a month with very good feedback.  The vehicle has always been intended to be used by all emergency services and the next development is into a paramedic motorcycle.  As we did with the police, we have spent time to understand the specific needs of the Paramedics, with the main area of difference being the kit that they need to carry to support their operation.

“The WMC300FR was created in collaboration with the UK police, but it the design was always created with the other emergency services in mind.  The needs for paramedics differ from the police in the amount of kit they need to carry.  We have been discussing these requirements with the Ambulance Service and are now able to provide 72L storage as standard and an optional 40L extra storage capacity.  Obviously the increased pannier size and weight will have an impact upon the performance of the motorcycle and so we have put this model through rigorous testing and are pleased to say that it performed exactly as expected”  Robert White Founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts