White Motorcycle Concepts has been successful in two further UK government grant applications specifically created to ensure that the economies recovery from COVID is as environmentally sustainable as possible.  The first grant (Catalysing Green Innovation: strand 2: Securing the future of ZEV) is to explore the possibility of incorporating a drive motor and re-gen in the front wheel of the patent pending WMC250EV, building upon the outcome from the feasibility study completed in Q1 of 2020.  The second (The Sustainable Innovation Fund: round 2 (de minimis)) is to support the integration of the V-Air into a city motorcycle with the aim of proving the concept at the other extreme than the WMC250EV, under the project title of WMC300FR.  This is a real world application of the V-Air concept and will demonstrate the benefit at what is believed to be the lowest level.  As part of this application we have identified and engaged with our first customer for the concept.

“Having financial support to drive greater R&D into ensuring that the concepts can be the best version they can be is great, but more importantly this is external validation that the concept can have a huge impact upon our future impact upon the planet.  This takes us into the next chapter of the exciting journey, taking us from Proof of Concept into real world applications” Robert White Founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts.