Over the last 18 months we have been supported by the Advanced Propulsion Centre to help turn our initial invention into a saleable product.  It was their “fresh eyes” session that set White Motorcycle Concepts down its current path to revenue, with a product that we are looking to launch on the 6th December.  Their support has covered all aspects of business and we have significantly grown as a result of participation in this scheme.

“It does not seem like 18 months since we started on the APC Technology Development Accelerator Programme.  The support provided over this time has been amazing and has helped turn a fantastic concept into a business.  We would certainly recommend this to any small business that has a great invention, but does not know how to monetize it. 

Good Luck to our fellow wave 4 participants EMPEL Systems Limited, Balance Batteries, Cheesecake Energy Limited, 2 D Tech, Paragraf Limited, Photocentric Limited, Sam Pearce Design Limited & Spark EV Technology Limited” Robert White Founder and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts.